Russian Safer Internet Centre, formerly known as National Internet-Safety Node in Russia, which site you are browsing right now, deals with the problem of safe, comfortable and tolerant use of the Web. To be exact, we deal with Internet-threats and counteract them to protect Web users.

Here you can get detailed and accessible information about different types of Internet-threats, how to detect them and minimize damage they cause to your relatives, computer, bank account, nerves, health and so on. Leading Russian experts and analysts give their comments on the problem and take part in consulting users. You can also find some Russian legislation dealing with Internet and Internet-threats, sociological surveys and statistics reports. All this information is to help Internet users to protect themselves from Internet-threats and problems they cause, so to make their Web surfing safe and comfortable.

We can help you actively contribute to cleaning the Web from illegal content and help other users to get clean and safe Web. If you find a resource with illegal content you can report it to the Hotline of the Safer Internet Centre (National Node). Our specialists and experts will study your “signal” and – together with our authorized partners – will do their best to get this illegal content resource closed and its makers called to account.

You can not only search published information about Internet-threats but also contact our Helpline for advice and consultation. Experts, including leading specialists in Runet, will be ready to help you – directly with your case, your problem.

We hope that our efforts will be useful to you and – together with you – will help all of us make Runet more user-friendly. What means convenient and safe.

Safer Internet Centre - Russia is a member of integrated European network of Safer Internet Centres working under Safer Internet Programme of European Commission, representing Russia in the network. 

Safer Internet Centre – Russia (National Internet-Safety Node in Russia) is a member of INHOPE International Hotline Network since 2009. If you have information about illegal content hosted in Russia please feel free to report it to Russian INHOPE Hotline which works in Safer Internet Centre – Russia.



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